Dynamics NAV: the software for fresh food and convenience trader
and local dealer

agilesFood based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Deliver local, buy global, the typical business of local fruit dealers. Often local fruit dealer have their own trucks and need to plan to perfect tour for them.

agilesFood is the software for fresh food trading based on Dynamics NAV has this necessary features in the standard application. Mostly the supply small markets or restaurants. More complex is to supply the big supermarket chains like ALDI, Edeka, LIDL or Rewe: small windows for selling the stuff per day, organize the whole logistic are some of the staff requirements.

Dynamics NAV as software for the fresh food trading helps the users to enter fast data in orders or support them by planning the best supplying tours and supports them to organize the logistic.

Processes in agilesFood especially for local dealer