agilesFood the food trading software in Dynamics NAV

agilesFood focused the whole fresh food trading industry. Special features for importers, local dealer and organic food trader are standard in agilesFood. As well there are specific features for wholesaler and food trader.

agilesFood is the software who answers also the individual questions of all sub food industries.

More than 100 customers working with agilesFood since more than 10 years! 

agilesFood for importers

agilesFood for fresh Food importer

Our agilesFood trading software is specialized for all requirements in the import of fruit and vegetablesmore

agilesFood for local fruit dealer

Local fruit dealer working with agilesFood

Our software for fresh food trading and convenience in Dynamics NAV supports local fruit dealers in their daily businessmore

agilesFood for food trader

Food Traders working with agilesFood

As food dealer you have unique requirements on a software, agilesFood covers them all based on Microsoft Dynamics NAVmore

agilesFood for organic food trader

Organic Food Trader working with agilesFood

Organic food trader recommend agilesFood and Microsoft Dynamics NAVmore

agilesFood for the wholesale market

agilesFood is used by wholesale companies

agilesFood supports the typicall wholesale business for fruit and vegetable trading in Europe based on Navisionmore

Additional Industries

agilesFood is working for all Food trading companies

agilesFood is flexible for all customers including sweets, dairy, fish or bakerymore