Purchase ordering as a business process in the industry solution
for food traders based on Dynamics NAV

Purchase Ordering in agilesFood

Purchase orders or so called batches can be created manually or automatically by purchase order proposals in Dynamics NAV. After creating of the purchase order – with or without a purchase price – the order will be sent via fax, mail or EDI to the vendor. After the vendor confirmation with more information about the delivery date and the item attributes (caliber, country of origin, sort etc.) additional documents for the warehouse or logistic can be created and sent.

By the receipt of goods the business processes 'quality control' will be done in Dynamics NAV. Depending from the quality result a purchase claim can be created or the goods will be placed in the stock (frozen, dry, cold).

Parallel to the purchase order process, the plan costs per colli, weight etc. can be entered in Dynamics NAV. Also the empty items – with or without stocking and invoicing- can be entered in the same business process in Dynamics NAV.

Purchase orders in the industry solution for Dynamics NAV agilesFood