agilesFood has integrated business processes for distributors based on Basis von Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

agilesFood gives a transparent overview of all necessary business processes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 and optimize all food trading requirements. Depending from the business case agilesFood supports the user by phone selling, fast entering of data, tour planning, EDI or empty item administration.

The setup of agileFood is custom-fit to your business processes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 and specific to the user's role.

Purchase orders
in agilesFood

Purchase Orders in agilesFood

Purchase orders and batches in the fresh food trading industry solution.more

in agilesFood

Sales Orders in agilesFood

Phone sales and fast data entering in sales orders for food trading in agilesFoodmore

in agilesFood

Claim processes in agilesFood

The claim module in agilesFood helps to enter and report claims.more

in agilesFood

Packaging processes in agilesFood

Sorting and mixing of items is supported by the industry solution agilesFood for Microsoft Dynamics NAVmore

Batch account sale
with agilesFood

Batch account sale in agilesFood

Integrated transparency, overview of best before date items and complete batch account sale is offered by agilesFoodmore

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